To Create a Default Envelope
1. In an open assembly do one of the following:
Right-click the top level assembly and choose Representation > Default Envelope from the shortcut menu.
Click Model > Manage Views > Envelope Manager. The Envelope dialog box opens.
Click Default. The Default envelope dialog box opens.
2. Type a new Envelope name and Part name, type a Common name, or leave the defaults and click OK. The Creation Options dialog box opens.
3. Select an option, Copy from existing click Browse to browse for a part to copy, or Empty.
4. Click OK. The Shrinkwrap tab opens.
Autocollect all solid surfaces is selected by default.
5. Click Subset. The Shrinkwrap Comps Component Chooser opens. All components including the new envelope part are selected by default.
6. Click OK.
7. Click to accept the defaults.