To Work with Multiple Sheets
Like drawings, notebooks can consist of multiple sheets.
To Add a New Sheet
Perform one of the following operations:
Click on the tabs at the bottom of the graphics window.
Click Layout > New Sheet.
A new sheet appears in the graphics window.
To Switch Between Sheets
Select the sheet you want to display from the tabs at the bottom of the graphics window or use the arrows to move between sheets.
To Reorder a Sheet
1. Right-click a sheet tab and choose Move or Copy, or click Layout > Move or Copy Sheets. The Move or Copy Sheet dialog box opens.
2. Select a sheet from the list. The current sheet is inserted after this sheet.
3. To create a copy of the current sheet and insert it after the sheet selected in the list, click the Create a copy check box
4. Click OK.
To Remove a Sheet
Right-click the sheet tab and choose Delete. The sheet is deleted.