To Define Varied Annotations for a Surface Finish
1. Retrieve an assembly, select a part in it, right-click, and choose Activate.
2. Select a second part in the assembly as the reference model from which geometry will be copied and click Get Data > Merge/Inheritance. The Merge/Inheritance tab opens with the reference model selected by default. You can select a different part as the reference model from the Model Tree or in the graphics window.
3. Click to toggle between Merge mode (default) and Inheritance mode.
4. Click Options.
5. Click Varied Items. The Varied Items dialog box and a separate window showing the Inheritance model open.
6. Click the Surf.Finish tab.
7. Select or clear the Copy All check box to copy all or individual surface finishes.
8. Select a surface finish. Information about the selected surface finish appears in the Varied Items dialog box.
9. Enter a new value.
To vary a surface finish property but not the value, type * under New Value.
10. To display the Varied Props column, perform the following actions:
a. Click . The Varied Surface Finish Table Column Setup dialog box opens.
b. Under Not Displayed, select Varied Props, and then click . Varied Props moves to the Displayed section.
c. Click OK. The Varied Surface Finish Table Column Setup dialog box closes.
11. Under Varied Props, perform one of the following actions:
Select the check box to maintain the changed property during the next inheritance feature update.
Clear the check box to override the property change and return to the original property value.
12. Click OK.
To redefine the varied annotations for a surface finish, right-click the Inheritance feature in the Model Tree, and select Varied Items from the shortcut menu. The Varied Items dialog box opens.