About the Accessory Window
When you place a component or use a tool that includes an accessory component or feature, you can open the accessory component in a new window, even if it is already open in another window. An accessory window can be docked in the graphics window or opened separately.
Docked Accessory Window
By default, a docked accessory window opens to manage components during the following operations:
Component placement in Assembly and Manufacturing modes
Copy/Publish geometry
Form in Sheetmetal mode
You can reposition and resize the window. Adjust the model view and the window view using commands on the shortcut menu. The docked accessory window contains the Graphics toolbar. A Model Tree opens below the assembly Model Tree.
To open the accessory component in a separate window, you can set the accessory_window_display configuration option to undocked.
Undocked Accessory Window
By default, all other accessory operations, such as user-defined feature creation and Mechanica post-processing, use a separate window.