To Set Mass Properties for a Simplify Component
1. Open an Interchange assembly.
2. Click Simplify. The Open dialog box opens.
3. Choose the component to insert and click Open. The Simplify Component dialog box opens.
4. Click Mass Properties.
5. Select one of the following options to set the mass properties for the simplify component you are creating:
Assigned properties of simplify component—Assigns mass properties defined for the component. Available only when mass properties are defined.
Properties of original model if it is in session—Assigns mass properties of the original model when it is in session.
Properties of a specified functional component—Assigns mass properties of a selected functional component in the interchange assembly:
1. Select the component from the list and click Compute.
2. Type the relative accuracy and press ENTER or click .
Select—Prompts to choose a coordinate system in the assembly.
Default—Selects the simplify component default coordinate system.
Quit—Quits mass properties computation.
3. Select the type of coordinate system and select a coordinate system.
4. Type the density of the part and press ENTER or click .
5. Click Update to change the mass property settings.
6. Click OK.