To Search and Select Assembly Items
Using the Search Tool
1. Click under the graphics window or Tools > Find. The Search Tool dialog box opens.
2. Select the item to use for your search from the Look in list. Filtering options appear depending on which item you select.
3. In Look for list, specify Component.
4. Click a tab, to search by Attributes, History, Status or Geometry.
5. Select a Rule.
6. Set Criteria. Different criteria display depending on your selections in the other parts of the dialog box.
7. In Options list, select items that are not visible in the main window. You can search for the following options:
Not Retrieved
Not Placed
Filter Tree—Filter the model tree to only show selected items.
Highlight Items—Highlight selected items in the main window.
Build Query—Combine rules using Boolean operations to perform a search. You can save the query or retrieve a query.
8. Click Find Now to evaluate search results with set rules and filters. Two areas appear; A list of found items and an area to transfer selected items.
9. Select found items and click to transfer them into the selected items area.
Using Simple Search
1. Start typing in the text box, press ENTER to accept the autocomplet option suggested or continue typing.
2. To clear the text box, click .
3. To use predefined search criteria, click the arrow next to the text box and select an option from the list. Components highlight in the Model Tree and graphics window in the selected option color.
4. To apply the search, click .
5. To display only items that meet the search criteria in the Model Tree, click .
6. To add the selected components to the selection filter, click .