To Modify an Offset Line Style
1. Open the Explode Tool tab from the Model tab, the View tab or the View Manager dialog box.
2. Select an offset line to modify.
3. Click Explode Lines. The Explode Lines subtab opens.
4. To change a line style, click Edit Line Styles. The Line Style dialog box opens.
5. To use an existing line style, do one of the following operations under Copy From:
Select a line style from the Style box.
Click Select and select a line from the graphics window.
6. To create a new line style, do one or more of the following operations under Attributes:
Select a font from the Line Font box.
Click the Color button and select a color from the Color dialog box.
7. To apply the new line style, click Apply.
8. To return to the default line style, click Reset.
9. Click Cancel.
10. Click .