About Assembly Cross Sections
Create a cross section to cut away a section of a part or assembly to view a section of the model. In Assembly mode, you can create a cross section that intersects an entire assembly or only a selected part. The crosshatching of each part in an assembly is determined separately. You can view only one clipped cross section at a time.
You can create the following types of cross sections using the View Manager dialog box:
Planar cross sections of models (crosshatched or filled)
Offset cross section of models (crosshatched but not filled)
Cross sections from a faceted model (.stl file)
Cross-sectional cut planes do not intersect cosmetic features in a model.
With the Surfacing model you can create planar cross sections that automatically intersect all quilts and all geometry in the current model. Assembly cross sections can also be used in drawings. If you have a detailed drawing, crosshatching is visible even if you click No Hidden.
When creating annotation elements or model annotations, you can reference the following types of cross section edges:
Planar sections
Offset sections
Zone sections