About Assembling Components to a Pattern
Use a pattern to quickly assemble multiple instances of a component. Place the first component (pattern leader) in the assembly, and then select it from the Model Tree and pattern multiple placement definitions. You can assemble multiple instances of a component to a pattern in the following ways:
Dimension (Nontable)—Assembles the first component on a surface with a Distance constraint. Use the offset value of the constraint applied as dimensions to create a nontable standalone pattern.
Direction—Assembles component in a specified direction. Select a plane, flat surface, linear curve, coordinate system, or axis to define the first direction. Select a similar reference type to define the second direction.
Axis—Assembles the component to the center of the pattern. Select a datum axis to define and enter the angle between pattern members and the number of members in the pattern.
Fill—Assembles the first component on a surface, and then use a sketch on the same surface to generate a component fill pattern.
Table—Assembles the first component on a surface with Coincident or Distance constraints. Use the offset values of the constraints applied as dimensions. Click Edit to create a table, or click Table and select an existing table pattern from the list.
Reference—Assembles the first component to the leader of an existing component or feature pattern, then use Reference to pattern it. This option is only available when a pattern already exists.
Curve—Assembles components to a referenced curve in the assembly. Open Sketcher from the Reference tab to sketch a curve if there are no existing curves in the assembly.
Point—Assembles component to points from a sketch or a datum point feature.
A pattern leader is indicated by , and the pattern members are indicated by . To exclude a pattern member, click the corresponding black dot. The dot changes , and the pattern member is excluded. Click the dot again to include the pattern member.
Use the same method to pattern groups as you would use to pattern components.