Restrictions when Restructuring Components
The following restrictions apply to restructuring assembly components:
When you restructure the first component of a subassembly or an assembly, it is restructured in the Model Tree, but the location in the graphics window remains unchanged.
You cannot restructure components that are part of a pattern.
You cannot restructure an assembly if multiple occurrences of the original assembly exist.
You cannot restructure excluded or substituted components.
Be aware that placement constraints and references can change:
When the restructured component was assembled with the Default placement constraint, the constraint automatically changes to Fixed.
When restructuring components, if both the original component and the target assembly are members of the same level assembly, you must move the children of the original component as well.
When external references need to be extended to parent assemblies warnings appear.
The reference path of the restructured component is updated to minimize external references.
When external references interfere with the new assembly structure, the restructure fails and a message appears.
The following restrictions apply when working with simplified representations:
You cannot restructure components of an external simplified representation.
When you restructure a component in a simplified representation you can retrieve parent components on-demand in order to restructure the children successfully. If you do not retrieve the parent components, further changes to the assembly could cause the assembly to fail.