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Feedback Elements

Feedback Elements - Concepts

Feedback Element

Feedback elements are designed to show graphical feedback in the viewport independend of any Creo Elements/Direct Modeling object or element. The feedback elements are created from planar facets. They are independend of any change in the object tree.
A feedback element is the basic structure. It can hold sub elements which are feedback shapes. The feedback shape holds the graphical data. The feedback element can have several children which are the feedback shapes whereas every feedback shape has a single parent, the feedback element.
Every feedback element has a color, can be modified and can change its visibility.

Feedback Shape

A feedback shape has the same structure as a feedback element. There exist a number of functions to create different feedback shapes like pyramid, arc or ring. In addition lines and labels can be created.
Modification made on a feedback element affects all its children, the feedback shapes. But most modifications can also be done on a single feedback shape by specifying the shape id in the modification function.

Shape Id

Every feedback shape has to have a shape-id which has to be unique in its parent feedback element. The shape-id is a number and can have any value greater than 0.


Serials provide the possibility to define sets of default values. A serial can be given during creation of a feedback element (see sd-create-feedback-elem). All feedback shapes created in this feedback element get the default values defined in the serial. Every feedback shape can overwrite single values during its creation.
A new serial id is generated with sd-get-feedback-elem-new-serial-id.

For temporary feedback elements no serial is required. Then the defaults of the basic feedback element serial are set and used.


Every feedback element can have a name. The name has to be unique among all feedback elements. A feedback element can be selected by its name. The name can be specified during creation of the feedback element (see sd-create-feedback-elem) and can be changed later using function sd-set-feedback-elem-name.

Feedback Elements - Common Properties

Property Data Type Description
:shape FIXNUM Id of the feedback shape to be modified.
:serial FIXNUM Feedback element serial which defines a set of default values.
:facets FIXNUM Specifies the number of facets used for pyramids, cut pyramids, ... .
:color GPNT3D The color of a feedback element or a feedback shape is given as a R,G,B vector.
 white  => 1.0,1.0,1.0
 red    => 1.0,0.0,0.0
 blue   => 0.0,0.0,1.0
:vp STRING Viewport to show the feedback element.

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