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Modeling/Annotator Communication: Selecting Annotator Objects

Table of Contents

General Information

While writing a dialog in the context of the Annotation module the programmer needs to select Annotator objects with respect to a certain select focus. Also calling get_selection is using these Annotation select foci.

These foci must not be combined with select foci of other Creo Elements/Direct Modeling applications or the base product itself.

Annotator objects can be selected using the keywords

:selection requires a list of select foci.
:select-attribute is an optional keyword and can be set to

List of select foci

FOCUS_TYPE will select:
Base Types:
Annotator Parts:
*sd-anno-sheet-seltype* Sheet
*sd-anno-frame-seltype* Frame
*sd-anno-view-seltype* View
*sd-anno-flat-seltype* Flat
*sd-anno-sketch-seltype* Sketch
*sd-anno-section-line-seltype* Section line
*sd-anno-detail-border-seltype* Detail border
*sd-anno-symbol-seltype* Symbols
*sd-anno-part-seltype* a plain Annotator part (not recommended !)
Annotator Geometry:
*sd-anno-point-seltype* Annotator Point
*sd-anno-line-seltype* Annotator Line
*sd-anno-arc-seltype* Annotator Arc
*sd-anno-fillet-seltype* Annotator Fillet
*sd-anno-circle-seltype* Annotator Circle
*sd-anno-polygon-seltype* Annotator polygon
*sd-anno-spline-seltype* Annotator (B)spline
Annotator special geometry:
*sd-anno-face-seltype* Annotator face (hatch == face)
Annotator construction geometry:
*sd-anno-c-line-seltype* Annotator construction line
*sd-anno-c-circle-seltype* Annotator construction circle
Annotator Text:
*sd-anno-text-seltype* Annotator text
*sd-anno-reftextline-seltype* Annotator reference text line
Annotator Dimensions:
*sd-anno-dimension-seltype* all Annotator dimensions
Other Annotator objects:
*sd-anno-center-line-seltype* Annotator center line
*sd-anno-symmetry-line-seltype* Annotator symmetry line
*sd-anno-picture-seltype* Annotator pictures
*sd-anno-ole-seltype* Annotator OLE's
Composed Types:
Annotator Geometry:
*sd-anno-geo-seltype* all Annotator geometry
Other Annotator objects:
*sd-anno-seltype* all Annotator objects

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