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Using Search
The search field is available in the Help Center toolbar. Enter your query in the field and click the Search button to view search results on the Search page.
The Search page contains a search field and the list of search result topics. Click on the title of a topic in the list to open the topic.
After viewing a search result, click the icon again to return to the list of results.
The following search rules apply:
Multiple search words and phrases have an implicit Boolean AND.
For example, a search for release notes finds all help topics containing release and notes. The words do not have to be next to each other.
To search for help topics that have just one of multiple words, include a Boolean OR between the words.
For example, search for release OR notes to find all help topics that contain either release or notes.
To find an exact phrase, enclose the phrase in quotations.
For example, search for "release notes" to find all help topics containing the exact phrase release notes.
To search using a wildcard, enter a partial term ending with an asterisk.
For example, search for extr* to find all help topics that contain any term that starts with extr, such as extrude and extra.