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Using JAWS with Arbortext Editor on Windows
You can use JAWS accessibility screen reader software from Freedom Scientific to enhance your ability to understand and use Arbortext Editor software. Arbortext Editor support for JAWS is only on Windows platforms.
If JAWS was running during the Arbortext Editor Windows installation, the configuration files contained in Arbortext-path\samples\jaws are copied to your JAWS installation. If JAWS was not running, you must copy these files from the Arbortext Editor Windows installation to your JAWS installation. Follow the instructions in the Arbortext-path\samples\jaws\readme.txt file.
The JAWS screen reader software does not automatically notify the Windows system that it's running. To automatically enable the Arbortext Editor built-in accessibility features, JAWS must be active when Arbortext Editor starts. To ensure these features are always enabled, you can set the set accessibility command to on. You can set it by going to Tools > Preferences and clicking the Advanced button. Choose set accessibility and click the option button on in the dialog box.