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Arbortext Help
Arbortext Editor comes with supporting information delivered in several methods.
Arbortext Editor online help thoroughly covers how to use Arbortext Editor to create and edit documents; work with each of the Arbortext Editor features, toolbars, menus, and dialog boxes; understand structured documentation; and how to customize Arbortext Editor using the powerful Arbortext Command Language (ACL). Access the online help in Arbortext Editor by choosing Help > Arbortext Editor.
Arbortext Styler (optional) online help provides instruction on using Arbortext Styler to create simple to complex stylesheets for publishing to multiple outputs. Access the online help in Arbortext Styler by choosing Help > Arbortext Styler.
The Help Center is a library of all HTML information supporting Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Styler, Arbortext Architect, and Arbortext Publishing Engine.
Access the PTC Arbortext Help Center in Arbortext Editor by choosing Help > Help Center.
The Reference Documents page provides Help Centers and PDF documents for all current Arbortext releases. Access the page from the PTC support site, at
All online help delivered with this release is current.
Release versions identified on the covers of PDF documents state the release in which the particular document's content was updated.
FOSI reference material such as the FOSI Reference is no longer provided in the PTC Arbortext Help Center. Refer to the Reference Documents area of the PTC support site for this information.