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Installation of Help Center
The is available at the following locations:
Software CD
Software zip on the Download Software page on Support site
To install the Arbortext Editor Help Center:
1. Download the from the desired location and extract the contents to a temporary location on a local drive.
2. Start the Arbortext Editor Help Center setup program and follow the startup instructions.
3. After you have specified the destination folder, the setup program prompts you to select one of the following setup types for your installation:
Typical — For an Arbortext Editor Help Center installation, installs the English help center only.
Custom — Opens the Custom Setup dialog box, from which you can select the English or a localized help center which you want to install. You can also install the English Programmer’s Guides.
4. 4. Click Install to continue the installation.
Post Installation Instruction
From the product, you can open the online or a downloaded version of the help center.
To open the online Arbortext Help Center available on, click Help > Help Center in Arbortext Editor user interface. This is the default setting for the help center.
To open a help center that is installed locally or on a shared network, configure the helpcenterpath preference to specify the installation path of the help center. Click Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Advanced Preferences to set this preference in the application. The helpcenterpath preference value set to blank by default, that is, the Help Center option in the application opens the online help center.