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Borrowing a License
If your site uses floating licenses, you may also be able to run Arbortext Editor while you are away from the network. Your FlexNet license server must have license borrowing configured and enabled. You can borrow a license for specific products and options to which you are entitled to have a license, and you can choose the time period up to the maximum allowed.
To borrow a license to work offline, choose Tools > Administrative Tools > Borrow Licenses to launch the Borrow Licenses dialog box. From the list of Available licenses, you can highlight your choice and then set a duration period. Click the right arrow to move the license option to the Borrowed list. It appears as (Pending) until you click Apply, when the license request is sent to the license server.
If you expect to be able to borrow a license and encounter a problem, contact your license administrator to be sure:
Your system is looking for the correct license server. Ask your system administrator for the correct value for the PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE Environment Variable on your system.
License borrowing is enabled on the license server.
The license server is configured to allow your client machine to obtain a borrowed license.
License Information