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Installation Overview
To install your Arbortext software, you will need:
The archive file you downloaded from the PTC support site.
A list of the product options that your site has purchased.
The Arbortext Help Center is available as a separate installer. To install the Arbortext Help Center, you need to run the help center installer. For more information on how to install Arbortext Help Center, see Installation of Arbortext Help Center.
To install your Arbortext software perform the following steps:
1. Make any necessary preparations before installation, such as making the installation files available on a server. See Installation alternatives for more information.
2. Install the software and product options.
You must have administrator privileges to install Arbortext software on Windows systems.
3. Customize your licensing parameters if necessary.
4. If you installed a repository adapter, perform the necessary procedures to connect the repository adapter to your document repository.
5. Check the PTC Support site at for software updates that may apply to your installation.