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Product Option Configuration on Windows
Product options are installed with the Arbortext Editorsetup program and are stored in your Arbortext Editor installation directory. Available product options include:
Arbortext Print Composer
Arbortext Web/Wireless Composer
The availability of a given product option depends on the following:
The product option must be installed. You can use the Arbortextsetup program to install any of the product options at any time.
The product option must be set on in the Arbortext-path\lib\installprefs.acl file. (Arbortext-path is where Arbortext Editor is installed.) The setup program automatically turns on the product options you've installed.
The license for the product option must be available from the license manager.
Depending on the product options you installed and licensed, you may need to perform additional procedures to configure your product options.