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Installing and Updating the License Server
If you are upgrading from a pre-6.0 release of Arbortext software for the first time, and your installation uses floating licenses or a combination of node-locked and floating licenses, your license administrator will need to install the FlexNet License server. If a user attempts to use an upgraded version of the Arbortext software with an unsupported license server or an invalid license file, the Licensing Error dialog box displays the error and prompts for valid license information. If the FlexNet license server is already installed, it may not need to be upgraded when the Arbortext software is upgraded. Please refer to the Release Notes for your particular version for more information.
The FlexNet license server system is documented in the FlexNet Licensing End User Guide. This guide explains the basics of FlexNet floating (network) licensing, gives an overview of the FlexNet licensing components, and provides details on managing floating licenses for administrators. This guide is available from the flexlm directory of the Arbortext installation distribution, and also from the Reference Documents web page of the PTC Support site at
The FlexNet license management software and installer program are available in the license server download zip file from the PTC Support site. Refer to for information on downloading the license server download zip file. Choose the latest version of the download file for your system.
For instructions on installing the PTC FlexNet License Server as either a single server or a triad server, refer to the following article:
For more general information on floating licensing, see Licensing Options for Arbortext Software.
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