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Developing a Compact Installation
Besides the full installation of Arbortext Editor, you can also develop a compact installation that users can download from a web site or network share. A compact installation enables you to have a centralized location for any Arbortext Editor configuration or customizations required for your site.
The compact installation of Arbortext Editor is smaller than the full installation and has somewhat less functionality. It is more appropriate for authoring, than developing customizations, custom document types, and so forth. The compact installation has the following significant differences in functionality from the full installation:
Publishing requires Arbortext Publishing Engine.
File > Print Preview produces a PDF file and requires Adobe Reader.
File > Print also produces a PDF file and requires Adobe Reader.
The PDF file must be printed from Adobe Reader.
Developing a compact installation of Arbortext Editor requires several steps. First, you must determine the optional features you want to include in the installation and develop a Deploy Directory to hold the installation files associated with both those and the required features. The Deploy Directory must be hosted on a web server or network share that your users can access. Next, you must create a custom installer tied to the Deploy Directory to distribute to users. This installer is much simpler than the regular Arbortext Editor and presents fewer choices to the users. It is up to administrators to develop a compact installation that contains the correct feature set for their users. Finally, you must make the Deploy Directory and custom installer available to users. Note that a user must have administrator privileges on their system to install the compact installation.
An Arbortext Editor Deployment Kit is available to assist you with the development of a compact installation. For more information, see the Arbortext Editor Deployment Kit Guide.
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