Document Types > Editing DTDs > Adding an SGML Declaration
Adding an SGML Declaration
Although the SGML Declaration may be added at the beginning of the DTD, the preferred method is to specify it in the catalog file. Declarations can be specified during the import process or by using the DTD Editor.
Do not specify an SGML Declaration for XML document types. In Arbortext Editor, XML documents are compiled using predefined SGML Declaration values for XML.
To add an SGML Declaration using the DTD Editor:
1. Open Arbortext Architect.
2. Choose File > Open.
3. Locate the directory in which the document type you want to validate is located, and then click Select.
4. Choose Edit > DTD Editor.
5. In the DTD Editor, click your cursor to the right of the DTD start tag at the beginning of the DTD.
6. Choose Edit > Edit SGML Declaration.
7. Make the desired modifications or additions to the declaration file.
8. Choose File > Save.
9. Choose FileClose to close the DTD Editor.
10. Choose CompileDocument Type to compile the changes.