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Arbortext Editor uses the default SGML declaration located at Arbortext-path/entities/ati-unc.dcl for SGML DTDs and SGML documents. This SGML declaration differs in the following ways from the basic SGML declaration:
SHORTTAG and OMITTAGFEATURES are set to YES instead of NO.
DESCSET permits characters in the double-byte range since Arbortext Editor supports Unicode characters.
The parser lets you exceed the CAPACITY and QUANTITY limitations set in the Arbortext Editor default SGML Declaration. The parser emits a warning message, but it will continue to parse. If you want to be sure your DTD and documents are portable, pay attention to the parser warnings.
If the CAPACITY and QUANTITY settings specified in the default SGML declaration do not meet your needs, you can associate an explicit SGML Declaration with your DTD that has the desired modifications. You can use the DTD Editor to create a modified SGML declaration.