Document Types > Creating a Document Type Definition (DTD) > Validating a Document Type
Validating a Document Type
It is important to validate document types to eliminate errors and warnings.
To validate a document type:
1. Open Arbortext Architect.
2. Choose File > Open.
3. Locate the directory in which the document type you want to validate is located, and then click Select.
4. In the Arbortext Architect panel, choose Edit > DTD to open the DTD associated with the document type.
5. In the text-based DTD Editor, choose Tools > Validate DTD to parse the DTD. If any errors or warnings are detected, a Message/Error Log displays in an Arbortext Architect window.
6. Correct all errors. To locate an error in your document, double-click on the error line number listed after the validation error in the Validation Warning/Error Log dialog box. For example, if the error is at: (err:721 line:2 pos:22), double-click line:2. The cursor will move to the error location in your document.
7. Choose File > Save if you made changes, and then choose File > Close to close the DTD Editor.
8. Choose Compile > Document Type.
9. Correct any errors and fix warnings as needed in Arbortext Architect.
10. Choose Edit > Test Document and Stylesheet and open a test document on which to run a completeness check.
11. Choose Tools > Check Completeness. Insert any missing or required tags and text in the document until the completeness check reports the document is complete and without errors.
12. Choose File > Save to save the test document, if necessary, and then File > Close to close the test document.