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Learning about a Document Type
You do not need to know how to write a DTD to create a new Arbortext Editor application. However, you do need to have some familiarity with the tag set defined by the DTD and an understanding of the relationships between the tags.
You may find the following resources helpful in understanding the document structure:
The person who initially set up the DTD.
Comments in the DTD file.
Examples of tagged document instances created with this DTD (formatted output of those instances can also prove useful).
When looking at an Arbortext Editor test document, you can also learn a great deal about the structure from the Check Completeness, Show Context, and DTD Viewer tools. In Arbortext Editor, choosing Tools > Check Completeness provides a completeness check that supplies any required elements, if possible, and displays a message about errors it cannot correct. Choosing Tools > Show Context displays a list of elements that are valid at the current cursor position. You can use the DTD Viewer tool to show the DTD structure and help you insert elements.