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Porting a DTD from UNIX to Windows
There are several steps to follow when porting a document type definition (DTD) from UNIX to Windows because you must recompile the DTD specifications.
To port a DTD from UNIX to Windows:
1. Verify that the catalog path on Windows points to the user's DTDs.
2. If there is a catalog file in the doctypes directory, create the entries needed for that DTD and add them to the user's catalog file.
We recommend that you create a subdirectory for the added DTD in the user doctypes directory in Windows.
3. Transfer the files from UNIX to Windows. If the file format is not automatically changed from UNIX to Windows by the file transfer process, manually convert the source text files from UNIX to Windows.
4. Optional - Copy a document instance from the source (if one exists) to Windows.
5. Recompile the DTD.
See Compiling document types for details.