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Document Type Compile Log Files
When you compile a document type, Arbortext Editor creates two log files, doctypename.log for general compile information and dtgen.log for errors and warnings.
The doctypename.log provides information about:
Catalog paths
Referenced entities, their public IDs, and the locations at which they are stored
Compilation date and time
Location of source files (DTD, stylesheets, and the .dcf file)
Table model
The doctypename.log file is stored in the same directory as the document type. It has the same name as the DTD, and, other than the first log file, includes a unique sequential number before the .log extension. For example, the first time you compile the memo.dtd, the corresponding log file would be memo.log. The next time you compile this DTD, the log file would be memo1.log.
The dtgen.log file is created every time you compile a document type. This log file is stored in the same location as the document type. It contains any errors and warnings generated during the compile.
The dtgen.log file is overwritten every time you recompile the document type. We recommend you rename the dtgen.log file if you want to save the information reported in it.
Warnings indicate problems that may not cause the compile to fail, but could cause problems when you use the document type. For example, a missing entity in the DTD would generate a warning, but, in many cases, the compile would succeed.
If you do not want Arbortext Editor to report warnings during the compile, select Ignore in the Compile Document Type dialog box.
Errors indicate the document type is incomplete and the compile will fail. You must correct all errors before trying to compile the document type again.