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Support of cascade attribute
DITA 1.2 defines several attributes as cascading and merging. These are attributes that can contain multiple values.
props and any attribute specialized from props
deliveryTarget is not listed as it is a special case.
cascade="merge" means that the normal DITA 1.2 cascading of attributes will occur where attribute values are additive. This is the default value if no value is given.
cascade="nomerge" means that DITA 1.2 cascading will behave as if the attribute values are not additive
A special syntax is allowed in Arbortext Editor for the @cascade attribute.
cascade="merge ati:audience"
Addition of the special token ati: and an attribute name indicates that the attribute does not participate in the action given. In this example, all attributes are set to merge except the audience attribute.
cascade="nomerge ati:(audience platform)
Addition of the special token ati: followed by a parenthetical list of attributes separated by blanks indicates that the attributes in the list do not participate in action given. In this example all attributes are set to nomerge except the audience and platform attributes.
Note that the cascade attribute can also be specified within maps. Various sections could be governed by different cascading rules.