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Support of deliveryTarget attribute
The deliveryTarget attribute is supported as a profile attribute for DITA documents. This attribute is always a cascade="nomerge" and cannot be changed to be a merging attribute.
With the deprecation of the print attribute in DITA 1.3 (though still supported in Arbortext Editor), deliveryTarget can be used to achieve the same result. Two predefined values in the base profiles are given, print-no and print-only. These correspond to the deprecated print attribute values. It is recommended that values of deliveryTarget reflect the type of output being targeted, such as epub, pdf, or html.
If values of deliveryTarget are used in this way, those profile values must be designated in the publishing step to create the proper output. Values of deliveryTarget are not set by Arbortext Editor by default in publishing operations.
deliveryTarget can be used within topics to give more fine-grained outputs.
deliveryTarget can be used in DITAVAL files.