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DITA Ditabase
The DITA Ditabase document type enables you to collect different types of DITA topics into a single document. Unlike a DITA map, which contains references to DITA topics, a DITA Ditabase contains the topics themselves. In addition, unlike the DITA topic types, DITA Ditabase enables you to nest different topic types inside of each other. This enables you to combine a variety of DITA content into a single document.
Note that while combining topics can sometimes be useful, it can also make it difficult to share and reuse individual topics independent of other topics in the Ditabase. One good application for a Ditabase is combining topics that are collections of small elements, such as a collection of product names for use with content references.
The DITA Ditabase DTD public identifier is:
-//OASIS//DTD DITA Composite//EN
The DITA Ditabase document type is located in the following directory: