Document Types > Document Type Configuration (.dcf) > Applying Attributes Only to Certain Elements
Applying Attributes Only to Certain Elements
You can configure attributes so that they only apply to certain elements in a document type, for example specifying that an attribute should not be displayed for a specific tag in screen view.
To apply attributes to certain elements:
1. Open Arbortext Architect.
2. Choose File > Open.
3. Locate the directory in which the document type is saved, and click OK.
4. Once the document type is loaded, choose Edit > DCF. If the document type has a .dcf file, it displays in the Arbortext ArchitectDCF Editor window. If there is no .dcf file associated with this document type, Arbortext Architect automatically creates one.
5. Locate the AttributeOptions element in the DCF Editor. If the file doesn't include an AttributeOptions element, add one.
6. Place your cursor next to the AttributeOptions element, choose Insert > Markup, and then choose AttributeOption.
7. Type the name of the attribute you want to configure in the attribute field for AttributeOption. Set the properties for that attribute that will apply to the specific element, for example set screenHidden=”yes” to hide the attribute on screen.
8. Place your cursor next to the AttributeOption element and insert an ElementListItem element to represent the element to which the attributes should apply.
Note that if you do not include any ElementListItem elements, the properties set in AttributeOption will apply to all elements in the document type.
9. Type the name of the element to which the properties should apply in the element field.
10. Click OK.
11. Repeat the previous steps to configure the other elements to which the attribute properties should apply, or to configure further attribute properties.
12. Choose File > Save to save the changes you have made to the .dcf file.