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DITA Key Definition Map
Arbortext provides a specialized DITA map called the DITA Key Definition Map. This map contains additional elements that enable you to provide more information in your key definitions and is intended to be used just for storing key definitions. The extra key definition information is displayed in the key reference user interface in various places. The DITA Key Definition Map is in the New dialog box’s DITA Technical Content category.
The key definition map adds extra elements to the topicmeta element that provide more information about the key definitions. To use these elements, you would insert a keydef element into the map, insert a topicmeta element in the keydef element and a keyinfo element in topicmeta. You can then insert whichever of the new metadata elements you would like to use inside of keyinfo. You can also use the Resource Manager’s Key Definition tab in a key definition map to add this extra information to your key definitions.
The following additional elements are available in topicmeta for key references:
keyinfo — Encloses the other elements.
keydescription — Contains a text description of the key.
keysubelementid — Specifies (in the value attribute) a specific element ID to which this key should apply.
keyreftags — Contains (in the value attribute) a list of one or more element names separated by spaces that should be used to reference this key.
keyforconrefs — Indicates (in the value attribute) a key definition is for a content key reference.
In addition to these new elements, the key definition map contains a specialization of the keydef element called keyconrefs. When a key definition is made using the keyconrefs element, or when it contains a keyforconrefs element, all elements in the referenced document with an ID are available as content key references when the map is used with the Insert Key References dialog.
The DITA Key Definition Map DTD public identifier is:
-//Arbortext//DTD DITA Keybase 1.2//EN
The DITA Key Definition Map document type is located in the following directory:
The special elements used in the Arbortext Key Definition Map are implemented as a DITA domain that can be integrated with other DITA map document types. See the files in the keybase document type directory and the DITA specification’s Architectural Specification for details on how to integrate this domain with other maps.