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Specifying the DITA Map Used for Topic Publishing
When you publish a DITA map or topic in Arbortext Editor, that document is published in the context of a DITA map to ensure that tags are styled and cross references and links resolve correctly. Topics are usually published when a map that references that topic is published. In this case, the referencing map provides the context. However, when a topic is published directly without using a map then the type of DITA map that is used to provide the map context can be specified in the topic document type’s .dcf file. If no map is specified or there is no .dcf file, then a regular DITA map is used for the publishing context.
To determine the DITA map used for topic publishing:
1. Open Arbortext Architect.
2. Choose File > Open.
3. Locate the directory in which the DITA topic document type whose .dcf file you want to modify is saved, and click Select.
4. Once the document type is loaded, choose Edit > DCF.
If the document type has a .dcf file, it displays in the Arbortext ArchitectDCF Editor window. If there is no .dcf file associated with this document type, Arbortext Architect automatically creates one.
5. Locate the Options element in the DCF Editor. If the file does not include an Options element, add one.
Open the Document Type Viewer (Tools > Document Type Viewer) to view the element hierarchy for the .dcf file. This will help you determine the valid location for the Options element.
6. Inside the Options element, locate the DitaOptions element. If the file does not include a DitaOptions element, add one.
7. Click next to the DitaOptions element to open the Modify Attributes dialog box.
You must have the Force Required Attributes EntryEdit preference selected for this dialog box to open automatically.
8. Enter the document type for the DITA map you want to use in the topicCompositionMap field.
Enter the following information for the DITA map document type in the field, separated by one or more spaces:
Name of the top tag
PUBLIC, SYSTEM, or URI keyword
Public identifier
This can also be the system identifier or URI, depending on the type of keyword used.
System identifier
This is not used for the SYSTEM or URI keywords.
For example, following is the entry for the DITA map used to publish topics in the Technical Information Application:
techinfomap SYSTEM "techinfomap.xsd" "techinfomap.xsd"
9. Click OK.
10. Choose File > Save to save the changes you have made to the .dcf file.