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Specifying Primary Paste Elements
To ensure that content copied and pasted from other applications to Arbortext Editor is converted to XML correctly, you must configure a document type’s document type configuration file (.dcf) to specify the role for certain elements in the document type. One of the roles you must specify are whether an element is the primary division in the document type. A primary division is the highest level of hierarchy at which you want pasted XML markup created for the document type, when copying content from other applications. You must also specify the title element for the primary division and the primary table element.
You specify these elements in the PasteOptions element in the .dcf file. The PasteOptions element contains a series of PasteElement elements. You use attributes on the PasteElement element to specify the primary paste elements.
For example, for the Arbortext XML DocBook document type, the following elements are configured as primary paste elements:
To specify primary paste elements:
1. Open Arbortext Architect.
2. Choose File > Open.
3. Locate the directory in which the document type is saved, and click Select.
4. Once the document type is loaded, choose Edit > DCF. If the document type has a .dcf file, it displays in the Arbortext ArchitectDCF Editor window. If there is no .dcf file associated with this document type, Arbortext Architect automatically creates one.
5. Locate the PasteOptions element in the DCF Editor. If the file doesn't include a PasteOptions element, add one.
Open the Document Type Viewer (Tools > Document Type Viewer) to view the element hierarchy for the .dcf file. This will help you determine the valid location for the PasteOptions element.
6. Place your cursor next to the PasteOptions element, choose Insert > Markup, and select PasteElement.
7. Click next to the PasteElement element to open the Modify Attributes dialog box.
You must have the Force Required Attributes EntryEdit preference selected for this dialog box to open automatically.
8. In the category field, select primary_division.
9. In the element field, select the element that you want to specify as the primary division element for copy and paste conversion.
10. Insert two additional PasteElement elements and specify primary paste elements for the following values in the category attribute:
primary_division_title — The title element in the primary division element
primary_table_wrapper — The element you want to use as the primary table element in the document type
11. Click OK.
12. Choose File > Save to save the changes you have made to the .dcf file.