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Arbortext XML DocBook V4.0
Arbortext XML DocBook is an XML DTD based on the DocBook XML V4.0 DTD maintained by the DocBook Technical Committee of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).
OASIS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the adoption of product-independent formats based on public standards. To obtain more information on OASIS and DocBook, refer to the OASIS website at
The Arbortext XML DocBook V4.0 document type includes the markup in the DocBook XML V4.0, with extensions for equation editing and profiling. Use this document type to create XML documents.
The document type includes a template and a sample document along with a sample stylesheet for publishing to multiple outputs.
The distributed document types are samples. You can modify them for your own use or use them as examples for customizing your own document types. They are not intended for production use.
You can make any changes as needed, for example, a stylesheet or other configuration setting does not suit your environment.
You should never alter the schema or DTD of any of the distributed document types directly. If you want to customize a distributed document type, make a copy of it and make changes to the copied version.
The stylesheets were created to style only the sample instances; they are not recommended or supported for a production environment. It is expected that you will customize the sample stylesheets before using them in a production environment.
Tag help is available for the elements in this document type. Tag help refers to the help that appears when you place the mouse pointer over a tag in your document and press SHIFT+F1.
The Arbortext XML DocBook V4.0 DTD public identifier is:
-//Arbortext//DTD DocBook XML V4.0//EN