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Upgrading for Patch Releases
This topic assumes that you have developed and deployed a compact installation of Arbortext Editor at your site for an existing Arbortext Editor release. The release can be either a major release or a maintenance release.
A patch release of Arbortext Editor is an unscheduled release that is intended to resolve one or more issues with a currently distributed release. A patch release is based on a current release of Arbortext Editor and is numbered sequentially from the base release. For example, if the installed release is numbered 7.1 M010 then the first patch release for that maintenance release would be numbered 7.1 M011. The installation program for a patch release is only intended to update a currently installed release of Arbortext Editor. It is not a full release of the software, unlike the major and maintenance releases.
Since a patch release cannot do a full Arbortext Editor installation, you do not need to change the Deploy Directory for your existing compact installation of Arbortext Editor nor do you need to develop a new compact installation program. Instead, you can distribute the installation program for the patch release to your users in the same way that you distribute your own compact installation program and tell them to execute that installation program on their systems. The patch release installation program will upgrade their systems to the patch release.
Note that you should test the patch release installation program on a system with your existing compact installation of Arbortext Editor before distributing it to your users to verify that the program correctly updates the existing installation.