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Developing a Compact Installation for a PTC Server
A PTC Server includes Arbortext Content Manager, Windchill PDMLink, and Windchill ProjectLink. If your site uses the PTC Server connection to access XML documents stored on a PTC Server, you should keep the following things in mind when developing your compact installation of Arbortext Editor for this environment:
When developing the manifest.txt file for your compact installation, be sure to uncomment the line for the PTC Server connection CAB file.
When developing the siteprefs.xml file for your compact installation, be sure to include the global parameters needed for the PTC Server connection in the GlobalParameters section of that file.
You should at least set the HostList parameter to the PTC Server(s) that your users can access. The sample siteprefs.xml file in the Arbortext Editor Deployment Kit’s site_sample directory contains an example of setting this parameter.
Once you have finished developing your compact installation application, you have the option to host that application as an installation bundle on the PTC Server’s Software Downloads page.
For more information on adding an Arbortext Editor installation bundle to the Software Downloads page, refer to the administrator documentation for your PTC Server.
The PTC Server’s HTML interface provides users with the capability to open XML documents stored on the PTC Server in either the compact or full version of Arbortext Editor.
Note that your PTC Server must be at the 9.1 M020 release or later to support adding Arbortext Editor installation bundles to the Software Downloads page and opening Arbortext Editor from the HTML interface.