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Developing the Deploy Directory
Setting up the Deploy Directory correctly is an essential part of developing a compact installation of Arbortext Editor. The Deploy Directory serves two primary purposes. First, it controls the features of Arbortext Editor that are included in the compact installation. Second, it enables you to have centralized control over how Arbortext Editor is customized and configured for your users. The Deploy Directory has the following subdirectories:
release — This directory is named for the current release, for example 7.1F000. This is where you control the Arbortext Editor features that are included in a compact installation.
This directory is only used during the compact installation process.
site — This directory is where you control how Arbortext Editor is customized and configured.
This directory is used every time a user starts up the compact version of Arbortext Editor.
The first decision you must make is where to host the Deploy Directory for your compact installation. You can host the Deploy Directory in an HTTP virtual directory or on a shared network folder. The Deploy Directory must be available to any user who will be installing and using your compact installation. Note that the location where you store the Deploy Directory should not require a user login.