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Compact Installation Overview
Following is the general process for developing a compact installation of Arbortext Editor:
1. Download the Arbortext Editor Deployment Kit from the PTC support site and extract the contents to a local directory.
2. Determine where you want to host the Deploy Directory for your compact installation.
The Deploy Directory both controls the features of Arbortext Editor that are included in the compact installation and enables you to have centralized control over how Arbortext Editor is customized and configured for your users. You can host the directory on a web server in an HTTP virtual directory or on a shared network folder. The Deploy Directory must be available to any user who will be installing and using your compact installation. Note that the location where you store the Deploy Directory should not require a user login.
3. Make a copy of the deploy directory in the Deployment Kit and modify it to meet your requirements.
In the copied deploy\release directory, edit the manifest.txt file to indicate the CAB files you are including in your installation.
In the copied deploy\site directory, edit the siteprefs.xml file to add the customized configuration information for your installation. You can set Arbortext Editor preferences, environment variables, library files, and application and adapter parameters in this file. If you have a customized custom directory for your site, configure that as needed and create a zip archive of the custom directory. Store the zip archive in the site directory and reference the archive from the siteprefs.xml file.
When you have finished configuring your deploy directory, move it to the location where you are hosting the Deploy Directory.
4. Use the create_installer.exe application to create an Arbortext Editor compact installation application that is associated with the full path to your Deploy Directory.
Note that you are not required to have a Deploy Directory to create a compact installation application. In this case, none of the Arbortext Editor product options are added to the compact installation. However, this is not recommended.
5. Test your Arbortext Editor compact installation application to make sure it installs the desired options, is configured correctly, and provides the appropriate customizations.
6. Determine how you want to distribute the installation application for the compact installation to your users.
For example, you could make the installation application available on a shared network folder. The application must be available to any user who will be installing your compact installation. How you distribute the installation application is independent of where you are hosting the Deploy Directory.
A user installing the compact version of Arbortext Editor must have administrator privileges on his or her system.
7. Tell your users how to access the compact installation program.
More detailed instructions on this process are in Developing a Compact Installation.