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Installing and Configuring the Connection
The PTC Server connection is installed as a standard product feature in the Arbortext Editor installation process. Refer to Installation Guide for Arbortext Editor, Arbortext Styler, and Arbortext Architect for more information about system requirements and installing the PTC Server connection.
Once the connection is installed, follow these steps to configure the PTC Server connection:
1. Copy the following file to siteprefs.xml in the same directory:
2. Copy the following file to userprefs.xml in the same directory:
3. Edit the siteprefs.xml file to refer to your PTC server(s).
See Configuration files for more information about this and other configuration files.
4. If desired, edit the parameters in the userprefs.xml file.
5. If desired, set up and import the sample burst configuration files located in the following directory:
At a minimum, import the sample atidefaults.bcf system-wide burst configuration file into your PTC server. See Understanding burst configuration components for more information about the burst configuration files.