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Logical ID Format
The PTC Server connection uses Logical IDs to identify individual objects in a PTC Server. A Logical ID is a URL. It refers to the CADName of the PTC Server object. The Logical ID is stored in a compound document object to identify a reference to a dependant object. It is also used in entity declarations and XML inclusion references.
The PTC Server connection uses the following Logical ID format:
The format of the CADName is different, depending on whether the object is a document object or an object that is reused, such as an imported graphic.
Following is an example of a document object Logical ID:
Following is an example of a Logical ID for an imported graphics object:
There are also cases when the iteration for an object is added to the Logical ID, such as in search results. Following is an example of a document object Logical ID for a specific iteration:
Note that the Logical ID for an object might exceed the CADName length limit. In this case, refer to the Windchill Customizer's Guide for information on increasing the CADName length limit.