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Logging Burst Activity
Use the APTBURSTLOG environment variable to log burst activity for the File > Save As Server Object menu option. Set the variable's value to be the path and file name for the log file. While Arbortext Editor or Arbortext Publishing Engine will create the log file, the directory must already exist. For example:
set APTBURSTLOG=C:\temp\burst.log
Note that when APTBURSTLOG is set, bursting errors are only written to the log and not displayed. If a fatal error does not occur, then you must check the log to make sure that no errors occurred during the burst operation.
The log provides the location of the burst configuration files, the Logical ID of the files (if applicable), and the burst activity. The following listing is sample output from a bursting log file. This is the log file generated by bursting the sample Arbortext XML DocBook file using the atidefaults.bcf and axdocbook.bcf burst configuration files shipped with Arbortext Editor and Arbortext Publishing Engine.
System-wide configuration file: /Libraries/ZBurst Specifications/atidefaults
Logical ID for system-wide configuration file: x-wc://file=atidefaults.xml
Doctype-specific configuration file: /Libraries/ZBurst Specifications/axdocbook
Logical ID for doctype-specific configuration file: x-wc://file=axdocbook.xml

Begin Save As Object for document Document1
Created leaf object "Introduction (chapter)",
Created leaf object "The Challenge for PTC University (chapter)",
Created leaf object "Traditional Approach and Its Limitations (chapter)",
Created leaf object "The Business Case for Adopting a Learning Content Development Solution
(", x-wc://file=0000017197.xml
Graphic file \\aa-releases\r60m020 std\graphics\tcd.png already imported as
x-wc://file=[[aa-releases[r60m020 std[graphics[tcd.png
Created leaf object "Content Development (sect1)", x-wc://file=0000017196.xml
Created leaf object "Courseware Production (sect1)", x-wc://file=0000017195.xml
Created leaf object "The Solution: Arbortext Software for Learning Content Development
(chapt", x-wc://file=0000017194.xml
Graphic file \\aa-releases\r60m020 std\graphics\quote.png already imported as
x-wc://file=[[aa-releases[r60m020 std[graphics[quote.png
Created leaf object "Transitioning to New Content Development Processes (chapter)",
Created leaf object "The Results (chapter)", x-wc://file=0000017192.xml
Created leaf object "Conclusion (chapter)", x-wc://file=0000017191.xml
End Save As Object, document object x-wc://file=0000017210.xml.