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Print Preview Window Customization Options
Both site and individual configuration files can be customized in the file using these options:
magbase [number | auto] — Determines the initial font magnification used when starting Arbortext Editor. For example, 1000 has Arbortext Editor display everything at full page size; 500 displays at half size; auto adjusts the magnification so the entire page is visible on the screen. The default is magbase 1000.
magstepnumber — Specifies the percent by which a font size is resized. The default scaling factor is magstep 20.
windowmode [page | scroll | twoup] — Sets the default window mode to page, scroll, or two-up mode. The default is windowmode page.
fontsub — A list of font substitution instructions for all cases where there is no direct mapping between screen and print fonts. The section starts with fontsub and ends with endfontsub. Entries are not required, but when they are used the form is:
printerfontname -> screenfontname
The pixelpath section — Paths for identifying raster font information for equations. The section begins with pixelpath and ends with endpixelpath.
auto_char_posn [on | off] — Controls whether to automatically adjust the horizontal position of characters based on the escapement values in the pk file when previewing a document.
In most cases, on produces more uniform inter-character spacing on the screen. However, it can also cause justified right margins to appear to be slightly ragged. This option lets you disable the use of escapements for positioning.
For example, suppose that every time you preview a certain document, you use the m command to magnify it, and ws to change to scroll mode. You could create a docname.vcf file in the document directory and add the following commands: magbase 1573 windowmode scroll. Then, when you start up Arbortext Editor on that particular document, the docname.vcf file will be read in and your preferences for that document will be displayed.