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Specifying the Location of User-Defined Dictionaries
To make user-defined dictionaries available, specify the path to the directory so that Arbortext Editor can find them. Note that the file name is specified in the DCF file.
You can specify the path to the folder containing the file in the Spelling preferences dialog box, which stores the information in the arbortext.wcf preferences file.
Follow these steps to add a user dictionary path:
To specify a user dictionary path in your preferences file:
1. Choose Tools > Preferences to open the Preferences dialog box.
2. Choose the Spelling category.
3. Click on the button next to the User Dictionary Path field to open the Edit Preference dialog box.
4. Use the Edit Preference dialog box to locate the folder where your dictionary is stored and add it to the preference.
If you have more than one user-defined dictionary, you can also set the order in this dialog box.
5. Click OK to save the preference and close the Edit Preference dialog box.
6. Click OK to close the Preferences dialog box.
You can also put user-defined dictionaries in the Arbortext-path\custom\dictionaries subdirectory. The custom\dictionaries path is automatically prepended to the dictionaries path at startup. Putting your user-defined dictionaries in the custom\dictionaries subdirectory makes them automatically available, avoiding manual steps to add them to the path.