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APTAPPLICATION — Specifying Alternate Path to the Application Directory
The Arbortext-path\application directory supports unique subdirectories where you can place custom applications. You can specify a path or path list for an alternate location of the top level application directory. You can supply a different name for the top level application directory, but each subdirectory of the alternate directory must be uniquely named and contain the required application.xml configuration file. You can use the %D and %Hsymbolic parameters in path list variables in the path list to include default locations. Paths specified as URLs are not supported.
set APTAPPLICATION=c:\application1;d:\application2;%D
In the examples, the default application directory is included if you use the symbolic variable %D.
If more than one path is supplied in a list, the directories are searched in the order specified, and if any directory contains a uniquely named subdirectory containing an application.xml file, its directories are processed in alphabetical order.
If you are troubleshooting an application that's installed in the application directory, you can include its information and files in a save application operation. You can check the box for Copy all applications in the Save Application dialog box (available from the Tools menu), or use the appsave command option -copypacks.