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Text directionality
If you have Arabic or Hebrew content embedded in LTR text, ArbortextEditor automatically detects the RTL text and moves the cursor appropriately when you are using the arrow keys to move through a document. The reverse also holds true, so ArbortextEditor moves the cursor appropriately when it encounters LTR text embedded in RTL text. If you are selecting text that has mixed content with the arrow keys, ArbortextEditor moves the point of selection appropriately for LTR and RTL text selections. However, if you are selecting text with the pointing device, ArbortextEditor selects the entire embedded reversed content when the point of selection encounters text that has different directionality from the surrounding text.
By default, ArbortextEditor handles text with mixed directionality in this way regardless of the current document or element directionality. The set caretmovement command enables you to control how the cursor moves through text with mixed directionality.