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Storing Non-ASCII Characters
Arbortext Editor can store (write) non-ASCII characters in your documents as characters in the target encoding, character entity references, or numeric character references.
Saving non-ASCII characters as characters in the target encoding helps minimize the size of your document, while saving them as entities increases the size of your document. However, saving non-ASCII characters as entities makes documents more portable.
Characters may not display properly if you save non-ASCII characters in SGML documents in the target encoding and the document is then accessed on a system using a different character set. This is also true of XML documents if they are then accessed using an editor that does not recognize XML.
You can use the Preferences dialog box to specify how non-ASCII characters are stored.
To specify how non–ASCII characters are stored:
1. Choose Tools > Preferences to change the default settings.
2. Choose the Save category.
3. Select the appropriate option from the Write Non-ASCII Characters As field. Character Entity References is the default setting.
4. Click Save.
You can also use the set writenonasciichar command to specify how non-ASCII characters are stored.