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Default Stylesheet Locations
Arbortext Editor chooses a default stylesheet for Edit view based on the name and location of locally available stylesheets. Stylesheets used for publishing are available either from the Arbortext Publishing Engine or locally for Arbortext Editor with Arbortext Styler. Stylesheet availability is based on the following:
Document level stylesheets are used first. They are located in the document directory and share a base name with the document (for example, mydoc.xml could have a stylesheet).
Local level stylesheets are used if no document level stylesheet is found. These are located in the document directory and share a base name with the document type (DTD or schema) used by the document (for example,
The application-level stylesheet is used if no document or local level stylesheet is found. This stylesheet is located in the installation directory, and shares a base name with the document type used by the document (for example, doctypes\axdocbook\
You may replace the default stylesheets directory for a document type with an alternative path. See Specifying an alternate stylesheets directory for a document type for further information
Stylesheets in the document type directory and the document directory that do not follow the above naming conventions are still listed in the Select Stylesheets dialog box.
If you are using Arbortext Publishing Engine for publishing, your default stylesheet list is derived from the stylesheets available from the Arbortext PE server document type directories.
The order of stylesheets in a dialog box stylesheet list can be controlled by configuring PEStylesheetOrder in the document type's .dcf.
If you are not using Arbortext Publishing Engine, you can store stylesheets in any directory using any name and select them using the Browse button in the Select Stylesheet dialog box. When you select one of these stylesheets using the Browse button, Arbortext Editor adds them to the list of available stylesheets in the Select Stylesheet dialog box. These stylesheets will then be available for all documents of the same document type for the current Arbortext Editor session.
If Arbortext Editor users have Arbortext Publishing Engine perform their document publishing, the stylesheets listed are those available on the Arbortext PE server and those specified using URLs. Stylesheets located on the server appear in the Stylesheet selection fields with the notation (pe).
You can also make a stylesheet automatically available by placing it in the Arbortext-pathcustom\doctypes\doctype directory.
You can obtain Arbortext Publishing Engine configuration information from the Help > Publishing Engine Configuration menu command. Arbortext Editor can also compare its publishing configuration with the Arbortext Publishing Engine publishing configuration using the Tools > Administrative Tools > Compare Config with Publishing Engine menu item.
You can use the set stylesheet, set printstylesheet, set htmlstylesheet, set htmlhelpstylesheet, set webstylesheet, set epubstylesheet, and set rtfstylesheet commands to specify a default stylesheet for each type of use. If you are using an Arbortext PE server, it will only look for a stylesheet name for the document type that matches the name specified in the set option.