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Developing Stylesheets
Before you begin developing the stylesheet is the time to find out how many stylesheets are needed and what they must do. That information will help you plan your project. It will also help you answer the inevitable questions: “How long will it take?” and “When will you be finished?”
In addition, you need to know what kind of stylesheets are needed. An Arbortext Editor stylesheet provides the formatting for displaying text in the Arbortext Editor window (Editor stylesheet) as well as for printing it on paper (print stylesheet).
You need information about your organization's SGML or XML plans, such as:
How will text be authored and edited in your organization?
How will text be stored?
How will documents be assembled?
How will they be published?
How many versions will be output?
What languages will be supported?
Edit view and paper output can be supported with the same FOSI, if desired.