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Printing using Startup Commands
Arbortext Editor prints files by sending electronic text pages that are stored in .dvi files in your .aptcache directory to a specified printer. Start Arbortext Editor with –c "print"filename arguments to get these printing options:
noformat — send existing .dvi file to printer.
allpasses — do as many formatting passes as necessary to resolve all page numbering and other formatting issues that may require more than one traversal of the document. In general, documents with involved page numbering schemes or that contain indexes with multiple page numbers may require more than one formatting pass to resolve all issues. Example:
allpasses autoArbortext Editor will run as many formatting passes as it needs to reformat the document to accommodate any text or markup changes that may have been made, using the content of the existing .dvi file. If there have been no changes since the document was last formatted, no reformatting is done.
allpasses force — that the entire document will be completely reformatted, even if a .dvi file already exists in your aptcache directory.
onepass — do at most one formatting pass.
onepass auto — one formatting pass will be run if the document has been modified since the last time the document was formatted. Otherwise, no formatting pass will be run.
onepass force — one formatting pass will be run under all circumstances.
When a onepass option is selected and one pass is not sufficient to complete all document formatting, Arbortext Editor will display status re-fmt needed on the status bar. An additional pass will usually complete the formatting.
The wait argument controls whether Arbortext Editor should wait for the print to complete (that is, spool) before continuing to execute commands. In the examples below, it waits until the testfile.sgm document is completely sent to the printer.
The following example sends existing .dvi files of testfile.xml from your aptcache directory to the default printer.
editor -c "print noformat wait" testfile.xml